Saturday, April 24, 2010


The blog has a new look, and so do a few members of the family.

Mable before:

Mable after:

Summer is coming, and since Ainsley won't let me do anything to her hair other than brush it and stick a bow in it, it was time for a shorter style. So, the first haircut was today, and I was prepared with bribes, lovies, and surprises for afterward.

We talked up the event for a few days, and had a very excited, but uncertain little girl this morning. Our friend Meghan would have the honors of dealing with our little drama queen, but we were all up for the challenge.

Ainsley before:

When we arrived at the salon, Meghan was working with another client, and Ainsley seemed surprisingly comfortable while we waited.

But, when it came time to get in the "big chair", she screamed and clung to our necks, disrupting the happiness of a salon on a Saturday. So, I sat in the chair, and she sat in my lap while Canaan did his best to distract while talking and feeding her m&m's. "Purple Baby" was not as much comfort as I had hoped, but the candy helped some. And, look at that hair that was cut off!

Ainsley sprayed herself with the spray bottle and ate m&m's as Meghan did her best with scissors and a moving target.

Ainsley seems to be pretty proud of the results, and will tell anyone that will listen, "Meghan cut it".

Ainsley after:


Jill Hardin said...

Like the new wallpaper on the blog. And welcome back!!

Ainsley looks beautiful with her new cut!

Stephanie said...

Thanks, Jill! I need to be better about blogging, and am going to try to do a better job this summer. Miss you guys!

a la carte said...

wow, you blogged! i love the new look! and ainsley's new look is super cute too.