Saturday, April 24, 2010


The blog has a new look, and so do a few members of the family.

Mable before:

Mable after:

Summer is coming, and since Ainsley won't let me do anything to her hair other than brush it and stick a bow in it, it was time for a shorter style. So, the first haircut was today, and I was prepared with bribes, lovies, and surprises for afterward.

We talked up the event for a few days, and had a very excited, but uncertain little girl this morning. Our friend Meghan would have the honors of dealing with our little drama queen, but we were all up for the challenge.

Ainsley before:

When we arrived at the salon, Meghan was working with another client, and Ainsley seemed surprisingly comfortable while we waited.

But, when it came time to get in the "big chair", she screamed and clung to our necks, disrupting the happiness of a salon on a Saturday. So, I sat in the chair, and she sat in my lap while Canaan did his best to distract while talking and feeding her m&m's. "Purple Baby" was not as much comfort as I had hoped, but the candy helped some. And, look at that hair that was cut off!

Ainsley sprayed herself with the spray bottle and ate m&m's as Meghan did her best with scissors and a moving target.

Ainsley seems to be pretty proud of the results, and will tell anyone that will listen, "Meghan cut it".

Ainsley after:

Monday, July 13, 2009

the princess and the pea green shoes

It's hot outside, and we are searching for new ways to play inside, away from the triple digits. So, we pulled out the basket of dress-up fun that Ainsley received for her birthday. She is finally interested in playing dress-up, so we had fun playing "princess."

The princess receives her crown...

Making sure it's still there...

Putting on her pea green heels...

Blowing a kiss to her adoring public...

Casting a spell with her wand...

Walking in heels...

Due to a nasty fall in the heels on the kitchen tile, wearing of the pea green heels has been suspended. Although, that hasn't stopped Ainsley from carrying them around saying, "shooz."

Friday, July 10, 2009

we all scream for ice cream

Monday, June 1, 2009

a tale of two pools

It was a hot day, so we headed to the backyard to try out Ainsley's two pools. Here she is in her new suit and cover-up. Don't worry, the bear didn't go swimming.

Aunt Carrie bought this pool in the shape of a turtle that has a sprinkler on the top of his head. Ainsley wasn't too sure about the pool at first, but once she got in, she was a fan.

It's fun to splash in, but she's pretty attached to those pool toys.

After giving the turtle pool a try, it was time to try out the other pool. Grandma Linda bought this pool, which Ainsley thought was fun to walk around in, still holding on to those toys.

Yay for swimming pools!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I want that pickle!!!!

Yes! I love it!!!! (notice the death grip on my wrist)

Monday, April 13, 2009

it's not a tumor

What's that on her right temple?

She seems a little worried...

No worries. It's just a cheerio!

Friday, April 10, 2009

crib hijinks

Ainsley loves to hang out in her crib. She will play in there for HOURS instead of taking a nap. One afternoon she had taken a really good nap and woke up babbling and laughing to herself. I left her in there for a few minutes while I finished getting ready to go out that evening. When I finally entered her room, this is what I found.

She had managed to pull off one corner of the crib bumper and step over to the other side, all while wearing her sleep sack (a zip-up blanket).

I'm afraid I'm going to need to invest in a crib net very soon. She'll be jumping out before we know it!